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Tiramisù is among the most famous Italian words in the world and certainly the most well-known for desserts! Its origin, amidst history and legend, is said to date back to the peasant tradition of Treviso: the "Sbatudin," a simple yet highly energetic dessert made by beating egg yolks with sugar until it becomes a frothy cream (perhaps better known as zabaglione!). This recipe would then have been enriched, personalized, and reinterpreted in various homes and kitchens in Treviso, influenced by neighboring regions, to become what we all know today: egg yolk, sugar, cocoa, coffee, mascarpone, and ladyfingers.

Other accounts, however, attribute the birth of Tiramisù to a "maitresse," the mistress of a maison of delight in the historic center of Treviso. It is said that this "Siora" would prepare and offer to her clients, weary from a night of pleasure and the "attentions received," this invigorating and restorative dessert. "Desso ve tiro su mi!" she would often exhort them, hence the origin of the name, Tiremesù, first, and Tiramisù later.

Yet another legend places the birth of Tiramisù in Turin, as a dessert to "lift up" Count Cavour in his efforts to unify Italy.

In short, the origins of Tiramisù are quite muddled, but one thing is certain: Tiramisù is now one of the great classics of Italian spoon desserts.


And it is here that Spùn is born. The promise made by five best friends, still university students at the time, to travel, learn, immerse themselves as much as possible from both a human and professional perspective, and then return, reunite, and share their lived experiences.

For us who are telling you, Spùn means tradition, but also discovery. Discovery of new flavors, renewed textures, and ingredients digestible by all.

To savor the lightness of the cream, the processing of all carefully selected raw materials plays a crucial role. Each step determines its taste. The packaging, designed to be manageable, elegant, and above all emblematic.

In Milan, there are many tempting culinary offerings that allow you to taste regions, colors, and cultures from around the world. Visiting a small laboratory in the heart of Milan that produces fresh and genuine tiramisu daily is an experience not to be missed.

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