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Domande Frequenti

  • But is it really for everyone?
    At Spùn we are very attentive to food intolerances, which is why among the recipes offered we also have versions with gluten-free and lactose-free ingredients. Unfortunately, however, we cannot guarantee that cross contamination will be avoided in our laboratory. For more information, consult the ingredients and allergens book or ask our staff.
  • Do you only make tiramisu?
    We are a tiramisueria but we try to accommodate everyone's tastes. For this reason, in addition to tiramisu, at Spùn you can find yoghurts, which you can compose however you like with an infinite number of grains, toppings and seasonal fruit! And to reduce waste, you can try the Sùntini, crunchy ladyfinger chips, to be enjoyed with your favorite cream!
  • Where can I see allergens?
    In our shop you can always ask the staff to consult the allergen book, which is available to all customers. You can also consult the ingredient and allergen book here.
  • How do I reach you?
    Trovarci è davvero semplicissimo! Ci troviamo in Via Victor Hugo 3, a metà tra Via Spadari e Via Orefici. In metropolitana puoi scendere alla fermata Duomo (linea M1 e M3) oppure Cordusio (linea M1). In tram, sempre fermata Duomo (linee 2 e 14).
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